An Innovative School Design

The Essential Question

  • Who should be designing learning experiences?

Other Discussion Questions - Primary

  • What strikes you as noteworthy about this scene?

  • What intentional design choices were made by the HTH founders? What is gained, and what is lost?

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a very traditional school and 8 being what we saw in this video, how would we rank our school?

  • In what direction should our school be moving? How urgently? What impedes change? ·

  • What micro-innovations could we try that would give us experience with a model reflecting these design principles?

Other Discussion Questions - Secondary

  • Do our teachers have autonomy to design curriculum? Do students have a role?
  • What is gained by having the “teacher as designer”? What are the challenges?
  • Do all students need to learn the same things?
  • What micro-innovations could we try that would allow us to teach to our passions? To allow students to pursue their passions?

Bonus clip