Parent Teacher Conference

The Essential Question

  • Who owns the learning?  How do we help students develop grit?

Other Discussion Questions - Primary

  • What do you find noteworthy about this scene?
  • What would give the student more ownership of this discussion? How might this be helpful?
  • What might your goals be for this type of conference?
  • What advice might we give to the teacher about structuring this conference?  About getting the student more engaged?  What advice would you give the parent? the student?
  • What micro-innovations could we try in upcoming conferences to give the student more voice?

Other Discussion Questions - SECONDARY

  • Do students develop grit and character by working hard on something they don’t believe is important?  How would your response change depending on whether or not you believe the assignment is important?
  • What micro-innovations could we try that would improve student engagement?


  • Ice Breaker – “What word comes next?”